7 Best Custom Home Builders in Connecticut

Discover Connecticut’s leading custom home builders with our concise list of the top seven companies. Learn about their specialties, customer ratings, and unique offerings to choose the best builder for your new home.

When you’re searching for a custom home builder in Connecticut, scrolling through the pages of ads and search results can be overwhelming. Especially when selecting the right home builder is important. Building a custom home requires experience, trustworthiness, and knowledge about local laws, zoning, permits, and much more. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of reputable custom home builders in Connecticut. Whether you are looking for a new dream home for your family or a place to make your own on vacation, there is a home builder for you.

Key Factors In Deciding The Best Luxury Home Builder In CT

  1. Experience: With all the different zoning laws across cities and counties in Connecticut, building a custom home requires experience and specialization. Finding a home building contractor with experience building in the state is important and can cost you time and money if they don’t. You may experience delays related to permits, supplies, climate, geographical location, and more when choosing a contractor who hasn’t built in the city or state where your new dream home will reside.
  2. Location: Many of the delays mentioned above can occur when your contractor is not locally based in Connecticut or has expanded service to the state from neighboring ones. Many cities in Connecticut face unique zoning and climate restrictions that require knowledge and experience specific to the city you wish to build in.
  3. Reputation: Not only do experience and location matter when picking a custom home builder but so does their reputation. In this blog, we will evaluate a custom home building company’s reputation based on its rating on Google Business. When you refine your personal list of local home builders, we recommend looking at multiple review platforms such as Yelp, Nextdoor, and Houzz to see how people like you rate their services.

After researching local brands and learning more in-depth about each one, we have created the list below of Connecticut’s top 7 custom and luxury home builders. 

  1. The Corbo Group
  2. Benchmark Builders, LLC
  3. Dixon Homes, LLC
  4. Ct Custom Home Builders
  5. Segerson Builders
  6. Bluewater Home Builders, LLC
  7. Salfa House

The Corbo Group

Company headquarters: Southbury, CT
Reputation on Google Business (as of June 2023): 5 Stars
Special Notes: Award-winning and family-owned business with over 45 years of custom home-building experience in Connecticut.

custom home builders connecticut

The Corbo Group is a multi-generation family-owned design-build firm based in Southbury, CT, that builds custom homes across Connecticut cities. They have won 19 awards for custom-built homes and communities in Connecticut since 2005. What is special and convenient about The Corbo Group is that they are an all-in-one design-build company, meaning you don’t have to deal with individual contractors for each part of the design and building of your new custom home. 

#2 – Benchmark Builders, LLC

Company headquarters: Wilton, CT
Reputation on Google Business (as of June 2023): 4.9 Stars

Benchmark Builders is operated out of Wilton, CT, and serves areas such as Darien, Fairfield, Ridgefield, Westport, and more. They have over 35 years of experience in building homes and remodeling in Connecticut. They offer unique services such as antique restoration and green-conscious services, where clients can ask about additional methods for reducing their carbon footprint and saving money on electric bills.

#3 Dixon Homes, LLC

Company headquarters: Monroe, CT
Reputation on Google Business (as of June 2023): 5 Stars

Dixon Homes is a local home builder serving Suffolk, Westchester, and Dutchess County in Connecticut. It is a second-generation home-building company with over 35 years of experience. In addition to new home builds, Dixon Homes offers remodeling, renovation, and home repair services. Following a natural disaster, Dixon Homes received several testimonials regarding its high-quality work.

#4 – Ct Custom Home Builder

Company headquarters: Danbury, CT
Reputation on Google Business (as of June 2023): 4.7 Stars (23 reviews)

CT Custom Home Builder is a locally owned builder in Connecticut with over 20 years of experience. Carlos runs this company and provides services related to all parts of the home-building process. While they do not have a website, you can find them on Google Business and reach them through their phone number or contact form on their profile.

#5 Segerson Builders

Company headquarters: Fairfield, CT
Reputation on Google Business (as of June 2023): 5 Stars (16 reviews)

Segerson Builders is located out of Fairfield, Connecticut, and builds homes in the state of Connecticut and New York. They have built homes in Fairfield County for over 40 years, bringing plenty of local knowledge to each building project. Each of their homes comes with a 5-year warranty and all manufacturer warranties.

#6 Bluewater Home Builders, LLC

Company headquarters: Westport, CT
Reputation on Google Business (as of June 2023): 5 Stars (12 Reviews)

Bluewater Home Builders is located out of Westport, Connecticut, and has served Westchester and Fairfield County for over 10 years. In addition to building a custom home, they offer renovation, interior, and land acquisition services. They also offer green building services and features such as geothermal heating and A/C, spray foam insulation, radiant floor heating, and more.

#7 – Salfa House

Company headquarters: Lyme, CT
Reputation on Google Business (as of June 2023): 5 Stars (17 Reviews)

Salfa House is a custom home-building company located in Lyme, Connecticut. It has been offering services in the state since 2010 under a previous business name and rebranded to Salfa House in 2016. In addition to new home construction, they offer individual services, including roofing, additions, secret rooms and bunkers, siding, and more.

Your Guide To Connecticut Custom Home Builders

If you’re considering building a custom luxury home in Connecticut, our blog is an invaluable resource that will help guide your decision throughout this important process. Whether you’re looking for architectural inspiration or information on the custom home build process and cost, we have a resource for you. Be sure to explore our content for all the insights you need on custom home building in Connecticut.

Written by Colin Corbo

Colin, a Connecticut native, has over 20 years of experience in crafting custom luxury homes. With a background in art, he brings a unique eye for design to his work. Colin adopts a holistic approach, collaborating closely with clients throughout the entire building process to create truly bespoke homes. His team-oriented philosophy ensures a seamless and personalized building experience, setting him apart from traditional builders.

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