Custom Built Homes In Connecticut

As design-build experts, we take pride in having partnered with over 700 Connecticut homeowners on their custom homes. Our award-winning homes are crafted with care and attention, making us the trusted choice for both in-state and out-of-state clients building in Connecticut.

Award-winning homes

We’re honored to have received 20+ awards for our luxury custom-built homes in Connecticut. Our passion for creating high-quality, personalized homes is reflected in each project we construct. Take a look at some of our award-winning custom-built homes and see the difference for yourself.

Our Process

1. Inspiration & Design Consultation

All our custom home design-builds start with a complimentary consultation, during which we will meet and discuss what your perfect home would look like. Bring your ideas, sketches, and plans, and we’ll work alongside you to develop an incredible to-scale Schematic Design. We’ll also assess your land, review our available sites, or assist in finding the perfect property for your home.

2. Budget Presentation

Our customized estimating program takes the to-scale schematic plans we designed together and generates a highly accurate and detailed proposal. Unlike other builders who provide a flat price based merely on square footage, often leading to unexpected costs, The Corbo Group ensures our proposal is as accurate as possible.

3. Contract Review & Financing

Detailed specifications of your new home will be prepared and presented to your attorney and lender for contract review, appraisal, and mortgage commitment. Together, we’ll review multiple financing options to secure the best arrangement for your needs.

4. Structural Plans & Permit Process

Our team of architects, engineers, and surveyors will collaborate to finalize the structural and site plans for your new home. We will also submit these plans to the town and assist with the permitting process.

5. Breaking Ground & Construction

With The Corbo Group, your dream home comes to life. You can be as involved in the building process as you wish or trust us to handle every detail. Once completed, you’ll receive the keys and begin making lasting memories in your stunning new custom home.